Shi Zhiqin

Resident Scholar
Carnegie China
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An expert on European issues, Shi Zhiqin runs a program on China-EU Relations at Carnegie China.


Ph.D., Peking University

M.A., C.C.P. Central Party School

B.A., Henan Normal University


Chinese; English

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Shi Zhiqin is a resident scholar at Carnegie China, where he runs the China-EU Relations program and the China-NATO dialogue series.  Shi is also professor and chancellor of the School of Social Sciences and dean of the Department of International Relations at Tsinghua University.

Shi’s research interests focuses primarily on comparative politics and international relations, especially concerning European issues and China-EU relations.  He has published extensively in this area.

Shi has served as a visiting scholar at institutions in France, Canada, and the United States.   He conducted research and worked as a visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000, and la Maison de l’Homme, in Paris, France in 2005. He was also a member of the Chinese delegation observing parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan in 2005.

Shi is the author of three studies on globalization and political transformation and has published in International Forum, Quarterly Journal of International Politics, Journal of Europe, Theoretical Development Abroad, Journal of Beijing Administrative Institute, and Journal of Tsinghua University.

  • Rules-Based Cooperation Vital for China in Ties with EU
    Op-Ed Global Times April 10, 2019
    Rules-Based Cooperation Vital for China in Ties with EU

    Despite the established comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU, mutual trust is still lacking.

  • Where Do China-EU Relations Stand?
    Athens-Macedonian News Agency February 28, 2019
    Where Do China-EU Relations Stand?

    China has been supportive of a united, stable, and prosperous Europe in its effort to promote a multipolar world order. Even during the EU’s most difficult period during the European debt crisis, China stood by and invested in crucial member states.

  • FOCAC and BRI Bring Reciprocal Benefit for China and Africa
    Op-Ed CGTN September 4, 2018
    FOCAC and BRI Bring Reciprocal Benefit for China and Africa

    The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established far earlier than the BRI, and it has become a sophisticated framework for China’s partnerships with African countries. Thus, FOCAC can be a mini-version of multilateral cooperation that aids the implementation of BRI projects.

  • Strategic Europe April 28, 2017
    Letter From Beijing

    Amid the threats of an inward-looking United States and rising European populism, cooperation between the EU and China is more necessary than ever.

  • Article December 21, 2016 中文
    The Benefits and Risks of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

    The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is solidifying relations between the two nations but the project faces multiple security and political challenges.

  • Op-Ed Global Times July 8, 2016
    Chinese Investment Not a Panacea for Greek Economy

    While Chinese investments could increase the odds of Greece staying within the Eurozone, it will not resolve the structural problems that demand political consensus from within the EU.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat June 12, 2016
    The EU’s Strategic Balance Between the G7 and the G20

    The Hangzhou G20 summit may offer an opportunity for European leaders to decisively challenge zero-sum rhetoric and contribute to a flourishing and prosperous global economy.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat March 15, 2016 中文
    China-EU Relations: Crisis and Opportunity

    Europe’s decision about whether to grant China market economy status is a major inflection point in China-EU relations.

  • Article December 31, 2015 中文
    How China and Regional Forums Can Help Afghanistan Recover

    Regional actors like China, India, and Pakistan can cooperate effectively through multilateral platforms to promote reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat November 20, 2015 中文
    Paris, the EU, and China’s Foreign Policy

    China must stand with the EU at this moment of reckoning and proactively participate in the debate about Europe’s future.


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