Sun Xuefeng

Resident Scholar
Carnegie China
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Sun Xuefeng specializes in the rise of great powers and international relations theory. At Carnegie China, he runs a program examining the international and regional implications of China’s rise.


B.A., M.A., Institute of International Relations

Ph.D., Tsinghua University


Chinese; English

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Sun Xuefeng is a resident scholar at Carnegie China. An expert on the rise of great powers and China's foreign policy, Sun runs a program in the center researching the international and regional impact of China’s rise.

Sun is also an Associate Professor of International Relations and Deputy Dean of the Department of International Relations at Tsinghua University. Since 2006 he has served as executive editor of Chinese Journal of International Politics (Oxford University Press) and a board member for the International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy from 2011.

His current research focuses on the rise of great powers, China’s foreign policy and international relations in East Asia. He is the author of dozen of academic papers in International Relations of the Asia-Pacific,Pacific Focus, Chinese Journal of International Politics etc , the author, co-author or co-editor of five books, Dilemma of China's Rise (2011); China and East Asian Regional Order: A Reader (Oxford University Press, 2011); Rethinking China’s Rise :A CJIP Reader (Oxford University Press, 2010); Selected Readings in Practical Methods of International Studies (2010); Practical Methods of International Studies (first edition in 2001, 2nd edition in 2007) and The Grand Strategy of China's Rise (2005) .

  • Q&A April 22, 2014 中文
    Obama’s Trip to Asia: A View From China

    Heightened tensions in the Asia-Pacific, coupled with China’s adjustment of its regional security policy, has meant that the results of the U.S. rebalance to Asia are not as good now as they were two years ago.

  • Real Instituto Elcano July 12, 2012 中文
    The Dilemmas of the Rise of China

    China is a rising power that must define its identity as a global player and balance its domestic needs against those of an increasingly multipolar world.


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