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Ocean Nations: An Indo-Pacific Islands Dialogue 
September 19, 2021 – September 20, 2021 Japan Society, New York City
Ocean Nations: An Indo-Pacific Islands Dialogue 

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  • Next Steps for Alliance Trade and Technology Policy Coordination: Session Two
    March 24, 2021  – Live Online

    The Biden administration is finalizing its trade and technology policy approach for the next four years, and this approach could differ noticeably from both a traditional free-trade/techno-globalist style and Trump’s “America First” brand of protectionism.

  • At the Vanguard: How Women Lead the Charge in Researching Influence Operations
    March 23, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for a conversation with Maria Ressa, Shireen Mitchell, and Luiza Bandeira, moderated by Alicia Wanless, on the experiences of some of those women leading the charge to understand and counter influence operations. What drew them to the field? What are some of the challenges they face? And how can women be better protected online?

  • Next Steps for Alliance Trade and Technology Policy Coordination: Session One
    March 19, 2021  – Live Online

    Before the Biden administration finalizes its trade and technology promotion policies, it is useful to look back at the past four years in a U.S.-Japan alliance context with a critical eye and develop an evidence-based evaluation of goals, means, and ends.

  • Carnegie Connects: Asset, Liability, or Both—The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations
    March 17, 2021  – Live Online

    With the release of the incriminating U.S. intelligence report on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Biden has clearly outlined his intention to recalibrate the U.S.-Saudi relationship to ensure it advances U.S. interests and values.

  • Taking Democracy’s Global Pulse
    March 12, 2021  – Live Online

    Is the global democratic recession of recent years continuing? Or are international political currents shifting? Join us for a presentation of the Varieties of Democracy 2021 Annual Report.

  • Bridging the Divide Between Elite and Grassroots Anti-Corruption Activists
    March 10, 2021  – Live Online

    Around the world, ineffective and even fraudulent responses by governments to COVID-19 have escalated citizens' demands for greater transparency and accountability and civil society actors are responding to meet that need.

  • Unraveling the Conflict in Syria
    March 4, 2021  – Live Online

    In 2012, as the conflict in Syria continued to smolder, President Barack Obama made clear that any use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would constitute a “red line” for U.S. engagement. A decade later, the tangle of "heroes and villains” involved in that unprecedented effort is clearer.

  • Carnegie Connects: Analyzing and Defeating Right-Wing Extremism
    March 2, 2021  – Live Online

    The storming of the Capitol shocked those in the United States and around the world, but the ideological roots of the right-wing groups leading the attack that day reside deep in the nation’s soil.

  • A New Strategy for U.S. Engagement in North Africa
    February 25, 2021  – Live Online

    Ten years after the Arab Spring, the socioeconomic and governance grievances that fueled the 2010-2011 uprisings are still prevalent across North Africa, and many have worsened in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • This is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race
    February 23, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for a conversation featuring George Perkovich and Nicole Perlroth as the two discuss Perlroth’s recently published book, This is How They Tell Me the World Ends, and the urgent threat to us all if we cannot bring the cyber arms race to heel.


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