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  • Countering Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure: What’s Next?
    September 17, 2021  – Live Online

    Please join Carnegie and the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission for a conversation featuring leaders from the US government, and the energy and financial services sectors as they asses what comes next in securing domestic and global infrastructure in cyberspace.

  • The Strategy of Denial
    September 15, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for a conversation on Elbridge A. Colby's debut book The Strategy of Denial on the future of the United States’ defense strategy against China's growing power.

  • How Korea Can Unleash the Power of Data
    September 15, 2021  – Live Online

    The United States, Europe, and China are not the only major digital players crafting the data policies that are shaping the Internet, the cloud, and the software and apps using them. A new volume edited by Evan A. Feigenbaum and Michael Nelson explores what lessons can be learned from South Korea.

  • Indian Ocean Initiative Launch
    September 14, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for the celebratory launch of Carnegie’s Indian Ocean Initiative, a forum to examine the nexus of economic, geopolitical, and security interests in the Indian Ocean and its island states and territories.

  • A Clash of Contagions: The Impact of COVID-19 on Conflict
    September 9, 2021  – Live Online

    Eighteen months since the pandemic began, this event will assess how the pandemic and response measures are exacerbating instability and will identify solutions to strengthen conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and democracy.

  • Reimagining Regional Governance in Latin America
    July 20, 2021  – Live Online

    As Latin America grapples with three overlapping crises--devastation from the coronavirus pandemic, severe economic contraction, and heightened political polarization and democratic backsliding--regional cooperation is falling badly short.

  • Can South Korea Sustain a Globalized Foreign Policy?
    July 20, 2021  – Live Online

    A discussion of South Korea's aspirations for a globalized foreign policy and prioritization of cooperation on transnational and nontraditional security issues in the U.S.-South Korea alliance.

  • Can the BRI and B3W Coexist in Africa?
    July 15, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for an in-depth conversation with leading scholars on U.S., China, and Africa policy to discuss whether the BRI and B3W can address Africa’s financing needs and how to avoid the negative spillovers of great power competition on the African continent.

  • Meeting Challenges in the Indo-Pacific and China: French Strategic Perspectives
    July 14, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for a timely conversation with the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

  • The Future of the Dollar and American Foreign Policy
    July 13, 2021  – Live Online

    Today the dollar faces another set of challenges—from China, digital currencies, new forms of protectionism, and America’s own political and institutional crises. Is Washington facing another historical turning point for both its currency and its foreign policy?


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