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Ocean Nations: An Indo-Pacific Islands Dialogue 
September 19, 2021 – September 20, 2021 Japan Society, New York City
Ocean Nations: An Indo-Pacific Islands Dialogue 

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  • What’s Behind the Unemployment Crisis in Africa’s Largest Economies?
    May 20, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for an in-depth conversation with government officials, academics, and development partners from Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States to discuss the high rates of unemployment in Africa’s largest economies, its implications for the rest of the continent, and paths to a stable and prosperous future.

  • Carnegie Connects: Four Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    May 19, 2021  – Live Online

    Violence between Israelis and Palestinians escalated alarmingly last week spiraling across three fronts: within the city of Jerusalem; throughout Israel between its Arab and Jewish citizens; and in an escalating conflict between the government of Israel and Hamas.

  • Carnegie Connects — Leaving Afghanistan: Risks, Rewards, and Repercussions
    May 13, 2021  – Live Online

    Pulling U.S. forces out of Afghanistan by September 11 will likely be the boldest foreign policy decision of Joe Biden’s presidency. Join us as Jessica Donati, Laurel Miller, and Michael O’Hanlon sit down with Aaron David Miller to discuss the war's legacy and what happens next.

  • China-Russia Relations at the Dawn of the Biden Era
    May 12, 2021  – Live Online

    While U.S.-China and U.S.-Russia relations have steadily deteriorated, China-Russia cooperation has grown in its stead. Paul Haenle will moderate a discussion on recent developments in China-Russia relations and their implications for the United States.

  • Negotiating New START
    May 4, 2021  – Live Online

    Join us for the launch of Rose Gottemoeller’s new book, Negotiating the New START Treaty, and a discussion with Peter Baker on the New START negotiations with Russia and the biggest hurdles, challenges, and insights that can serve as a window to the future of U.S.-Russia arms control.

  • Cooperation Over Competition in the World’s High North?
    May 4, 2021  – Live Online

    Recently, the Arctic has again become the arena for increasingly intense international competition. The militarization of the region is gathering pace.

  • Arabic launch | Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo
    April 29, 2021  – YouTube and Facebook عربي

    After decades of on and off negotiations and failed peace initiatives and as Israel continues to block the emergence of a sovereign and viable Palestinian state, it is time for a shift in U.S. policy toward Palestinian-Israeli peacemaking.

  • The Rise of Digital Repression
    April 29, 2021  – Live Online

    Rapid innovation in digital technology has ushered in a new era of political repression. Regimes seek novel ways to control, manipulate, surveil, and disrupt real or perceived internal threats.

  • The Long Crackdown: Russian Society After the Navalny Protests
    April 28, 2021  – Live Online

    The Russian government’s brutal treatment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny has provoked widespread international anger. Yet support for Navalny at home remains surprisingly thin.

  • The U.S and Taiwan After COVID: Preparing for the Next Crisis
    April 27, 2021  – Live Online

    For nearly two decades Taiwan and the United States have battled an escalating series of public health crises, from SARS to COVID-19. And since COVID-19 is unlikely to be the last such crisis, public health should be an arena for growing U.S.-Taiwan cooperation.


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