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  • Carnegie Connects: Democracy in Peril
    December 7, 2021  – Live online

    Join Aaron David Miller as he sits down with leading experts Rachel Kleinfeld and Frances Brown to discuss the state of democracy and the path forward in advance of the summit.

  • The Vicious Cycle of Electoral Volatility in Kyrgyzstan
    December 6, 2021  – Live Online

    On November 28, Kyrgyzstan returned to polls for the third time this year to vote for its new parliament. This election occurs at a time of tremendous economic and social distress, and amid a shifting geopolitical framework in the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal from nearby Afghanistan.

  • Democracy Support in Hard Places: Can We Do Better?
    December 3, 2021  – Live Online

    While the U.S. government often approaches democracy support as a separate initiative from efforts to mitigate and stabilize conflicts, these two efforts often overlap on the ground. What have we learned from these experiences?

  • Ultimate Political Authority: The Struggle for Power in 21st Century Egypt
    December 3, 2021  – Live Online

    Please join the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Middle East program for a public discussion marking the launch of two new books, "Bread and Freedom" and "Lumbering State, Restless Society."

  • Emerging Industry Supply Chains: Opportunities for Taiwan
    November 30, 2021  – Live Online

    A global rethink of supply chains means that some economies will have opportunities to attract investment, build out new industries, and diversify their growth drivers. Taiwan is positioned to benefit from these shifts, but requires policy changes and technology investments to fully take advantage.

  • Political Crisis and Economic Reform Prospects in Tunisia after July 25
    November 30, 2021  – Live on YouTube and Facebook عربي

    Join us on Tuesday, November 30 from 4:00 till 5:30 p.m Beirut time for a public panel with Amr Adly, Rym Ayadi, Ishac Diwan, Hamza Meddeb and Jérôme Vacher to discuss Tunisia's worsening economic crisis.

  • Carnegie Connects: A Conversation with Francis Fukuyama
    November 18, 2021  – Live Online

    Join Aaron David Miller as he sits down with Carnegie’s new nonresident scholar Francis Fukuyama to discuss the state and fate of America and the world.

  • The Rise of Political Violence in the United States
    November 18, 2021  – Live Online

    Violence has been on the rise in the United States since 2017, fueled by a more polarized electorate and divisive domestic politics. What other factors may have catalyzed this worrying trend, and what can citizens and states do to bolster democracy ?

  • Nuclear Peace in South Asia?
    November 17, 2021  – Live Online

    Please join us for a special event with Michael Krepon on the future arms control from his recently published book, Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace. He will be joined in conversation by Beenish Pervaiz and Debak Das and Toby Dalton will moderate.

  • Can China and India Get Back on Track?
    November 16, 2021  – Live Online

    Paul Haenle will moderate a discussion between Han Hua and Darshana Baruah on the trajectory of China-India ties and the implications for the United States.


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